Will meal plans include Ingredients that can be sourced in Nigeria?

Meal plans will be tailored-made for you by our coaches who will equip you with the right dietary/nutritional plan for your specific health needs. Our coaches will also share ideas on how to source for whole organic foods locally available to you in Nigeria.

If you put me on supplements, will I be able to source them easily in Nigeria or must I source all the supplements through you?

As we are not able to attest to the efficacy of any supplement you buy on your own, we would strongly discourage buying any supplements from any source that is not embraced under the functional medicine model. We make adequate supply of supplements targeted at the most organ systems available for purchase under all our care plans.

Do you subscribe medicines?

While our team is able to prescribe and dispense pharmaceuticals to patients, we strongly discourage dependence from pharmaceuticals for relief. Our goal is to safely show you how to use food as medicine. 

With the premium plan, will I be able to meet with the doctor weekly?

The premium plan includes biweekly physician appointments and weekly check-ins with a health coach who will monitor your reaction to foods and supplements and also show you how to apply nutrition as therapy. We believe these will be very sufficient to meet your needs. However, if you require more doctor visits, there is an option to book extra appointments outside your care plan as needed.

How often will I need to do blood tests and which labs do you use in Lagos?

A series of testing will be done at the start of your treatment. Expect to make a few visits to the lab during the first month, after which we will continue to monitor inflammatory markers and certain metabolites typically every 2 to 3 months. We currently have a working relationship with Arrive Alive in Surulere and Synlab in Victoria Island. However, we will work with you to consider other labs if you have a preferred lab of choice.

How many supplements would I need to take daily on the average and what's the estimated cost of the supplements for a 6 month period?

Our supplement plans usually occur in phases, we typically start with a detox pack which has about 6-8 capsules per pack for 14 to 28 days. We will also work to replace any vital nutrient deficiencies depending on your lab results. In essence, your supplement intake will be dependent on what we see in your lab results. This is also very subjective, as we must watch out for potential reactions and sensitivities based on your previous history. Typically, we budget an average of $200 per month for supplements in the premium plan. We try not to go above that except in rare cases where we have to get the manufacturer to compound new formulations for a patient that is not able to tolerate standard protocols. In this case, we charge the extra amount to the patient. We will try our best to accommodate your needs without going over the allotted amount for supplements. Also, the quantity of capsules you take will continue to reduce as we wean you off some of the supplements and transition you to using mostly food and adaptogenic herbs for continued remission. 

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